Hyperactive, perfection, techno-dynamics, ultraspeed and supramind...
All of these concepts turn into unique designs.

For the 2013 Climber B.C Summer season, we share with you the outcome of a very special creation that's made of innovative forms and textures, a special color palette and rich monochromatic tones.

During the process of creating this collection, there are some references that we often came into contact with. Flawless forms hinding at the works of  Filippo Perini and Maison Martin Margielain the Palais de Chaillot in Paris as well as Le Ciel Bleu, Osaka, Japan -everything  made by the German artists Thomas Demand includes  some of these references.

The works and interviews of the English poet and novelist Joe Dunthrone as well as everything that's said about the east of London are also inspirations.

And on top of all, we of course add the Istanbul Biennial  but from  another perspective - the sense of perfection. Actually  the same approach but from a reverse angle...

We prepared a collection in which we placed great emphasis on details. Metal accessories, leather and leather effects, plain and elegant forms, special t-shirt prints, and conceptual designs are the most prominent details. Alongside these, comfortable and sexy cuts, free and genuine forms, washed surfaces. We brought together our experience in color that takes references from the ICC Intercolor color result and the special color palette with our combinations. Thus, Elite, Androgynous and Jean comes forth with new equations.

Yellow and matte yellows are the most special summer references that pertain to blue. White, medium greens, gray and beige combinations are at the forefront.

Climber B.C. leads to a different kind of addiction with a significant increase in Jean details in each new season and now it's again very dynamic and very classy with its elite style through its androgynous fashion attitude.

Ümit Ünal
Fashion Designer