The path we have chosen this time is a sign of the superiority of the mind. It's rather a brief exposé of the times we're in, approached from another perspective. Perfectionism. Spotlessness. A rather mechanic testimony of existence.

The perfection that's introduced to the human mind by the android and technological mobility. The Climber Design Team points at a new understanding of perspective. At a time when there are many repetitions, there actually exists a &ldquosupramind&rdquo in the details of new films, videos, music videos and games.

A new generation and a new language. What we call attention to, is actually the new generation's attitude on this emphasis of &ldquosupramind&rdquo in all its aspects. Ways of expressing oneself. Flawlessness and actually the ups and downs that exist in perfect expressions.

Rather than one-sided approaches, it seems right to us to be inspired by all extremities. For this season, we wanted to create a 2013 summer collection of Climber B.C. along these dilemmas. On the one hand, technological improvements bring forth results that are almost of superior intelligence. Nevertheless, we designers also start off from our indispensable departure point of seizing clues on being human, on being natural, and from narrating and interpreting these clues.

These are the most efficient values closest to a designer. And in 2013, looking at the future from the present day with a clear vision, through futuristic details, means that we are able to be inspired by hundreds of details that are either right or wrong. We are creating. We are interpreting. And we cite from life for fashion and turn them into forms.