CLIMBER B.C. 2013 WINTER ?Melancholia?





The winter mood is yet new for you, but for us it is already left behind, it is a finished work. Let us tell you about Climber 13 winter collection, whose spirit from the origin coincides with the Melancholia, last movie by Lars fon Trier.

If you have watched the movie, you know that it looks like an apocalypses-story, but indeed it describes the stories of personal doomsdays. Happiness, sorrow, contradiction, despair are shown supremely in the movie, moreover it is a feast...  Those who haven&rsquot watched this movie certainly should do.

Thus the place of birth of our collection is our inner world, values, self-devotion, attitude, searches, mental balance, faith, disappearance, peace&hellip Result! Hope! And new beginnings.

When the world&rsquos balance is getting changed, a person shows various reactions naturally. Just like in the daily life we can find ourselves wrapped into the dramatic aura in one moment after slip from the party mood...

Internalizing this spiritual aura we have accented the colder, deeper, and neutral colors. For Climber it is very important to use natural fabrics and constructions reconciled with the nature, you will feel it particularly. As a contrast to this mental aura we wanted to show sharper and cleaner look, using the silhouettes that deal perfectly with the forms and fabrics. The heavy pressure of our theme&rsquos psychological aspect has diversified our feelings and has deepened our collection. As the result the plentiful winter Climber collection has appeared. The collection, where you can find your own stories.

We recommend you to wait for the winter with excitement.

Suna Atasel,
Design director