Headquarters of a Strong Vision


Climber, founded in 1989, with its successful history, takes place among the pioneer establishments of Turkey. Its vision is very clear with its high quality principle, to be the leader of the textile sector.

Climber&rsquos institution culture encompasses a simple organizational structure and a transparent executive vision based on democracy. A customer-centered approach is superior for our company that pays great attention to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Dynamic human resources, technologic infrastructure, and surely customer satisfaction are the basic sources lying behind the success of Climber. 

Climber, as a result of its experience and connections, quickly assimilates and adapts the world-wide developments and is one of the pioneers of the progress in Turkey. By being qualified to receive &ldquoEFQM Mukemmellikte Kararlilik&rdquo (EFQM Determination in Perfection) Certificate, rewarded by KalDer, Turkey, its being the first company in Turk textile sector proving its system and quality is the evidence of its credibility.