In our previous collections our items have maintained a certain balance between chic and comfort. We have always had an appreciation of the practicalities of every-day life, as well as the choices of those we look up to. For urban life, a calm and stripped down attitude, reflected with the addition of a chic and high class appearance, which forms a winning synthesis.

Perhaps on this point it is avant-garde style which provides most fitting base for which to bring this look and feel together, focusing on chic, high class fashion but using comfort-centric cut and form with which we could put something of our imagination into.

This season, our NUMANITY concept is a first in men's fashion. The new, stiped-down attitude forged from the chains that bring humanity to-gether, from the city to the country.

Some of the season's surprizes include new, creative textures in pant design, along with T-shirt designs that toy with the slogans and adages by such notable avant-gardes as Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski.

White vintage trousers... Tight fitting jeans. The color palette for pant varieties this seaons include ice blue, white, grey, grey-blue, beige and chro-me yellow. Skinny, super skinny styles, if reflec-ting a more youthful, teenage spirit, have now been adapted and presented as part of our androgynous grouping.

White shirt collections. All dark shades of pants like black-navy and grey lycra match perfectly with these. White shirts and tight fit trousers will cut you a new shadow for the Summer 2015.

Knitted sports jackets, special construction T-shirts and tops, colored micro-fibre coats and jackets, limitless varieties of jeans and non-de-nims in beige, blue, navy and black.

This personal collection includes hundreds of extra items to complete the look, including leather, suede, chic and comfortable footwear with two-tone form, matt and polished leather belts in every shade, all with classy and creative details.

The Summer 2015 collection's strength lies in the details, while the jackets are perfected in color, texture and form, CLIMBER B.C.'s own jeans collection displays richness and choice. 

With every season, our range displays greater precision and character in every combination.

The personal touches added to CLIMBER B.C.'s collection go right down to the smallest details, added to otherwise plain, stylish and functional clothing.

The collection displays both the urban style we love in world fashion, with comfortable weekend wear ideal for the summer season in linen, cotton and other choices in materials cut to a youthful, dynamic and inventive form.

Climber design group designs also display incredible woolen jacket designs and plain monopetos designed according to the theme of the season.

CLIMBER B. C's 2o15 summer range is an important offering from our country to the world of men's fashion. We stress this point as the world watches with interest as we hire some of the world's biggest models in men's wear.

The season's most well-known face must surely be Andrea Marccacini who has been working with CLIMBER B.C. for two seasons and has seen us rise to become one of the most followed and talked about brands.