When The Power of Design and Architecture Are Combined:
New Climber Fashion Center

Designed with a concept worthy of the original design, new Climber building and shop bears the signature of a conception that closely follows world trends. It cannot be helped to be trapped in the appeal of this powerful fashion center with a natural and innovative design language. Serdar Korucuklu, from Phardi Architecture &ndash who developed and realized this project, talks about what lies beyond the intellectual infrastructure and concept of design.

What sort of process did you go through while designing the Climber B.C building?

We took off from the idea that design must be identified with the brand. We wanted to have a parallel design between the Climber factory building and the Climber shops that we had built earlier. We blended the criteria of region where the building was located with the process of design keeping in mind the point where the company stands and its projection of the future in line with our experience. And such a beautiful and satisfying outcome emerged as a result.

What is the outline of the project?

The outline of the project is the building&rsquos having two entrances due to the slope. In addition, we can also add the re-interpretation of the façade and the identification of marble texture with the historical rea.

Can you share a few keywords about Climber brand?

It adds value to men&rsquos fashion with its natural and innovative designs.

How did you transfer these associations to your architectural language?

We put emphasis on simplicity and functionality in the interior spaces. In addition, we wanted to include natural materials. As a result, an innovative interpretation was reached with architectural language.

Which idea was the store concept based on?

Store concept was created by taking simplicity and functionality in consideration. Gray marble was limited by black and smoke-colored glass, oak wook and stainless steel. The partial opening of the windows in both facades enables the perception of interior spaces from outside. A product-oriented concept has thus been created.

What should be the feeling to be searched in these interior spaces you designed?

The design of  the interior spaces was bore of the feeling of building a place where people feel comfortable. It was designed with familiar and known materials. We wanted it to be simple, elegant, comfortable and, at the same time, a masculine space.

Can you talk about the main factors in architecture?

The building&rsquos being set in a corner together with its structure have allowed us the chance to work only in two façades. In addition, simpler forms were used since the building was located in a historical region. Integration with nature was chosen instead of contradiction. Naturally hammered gray marble and smoke-colored glass with vertical smoke-colored blinds partially broke the cold effect of the building. The design of interior spaces was discussed with Climber&rsquos management team. Each floor  is designed in a functional way.

What sort of insight does Climber B.C. shop have when you look at recent trends in the world? What are similarities and dissimilarities?

When looking at the recent trends, we see that contemporary currents revolve around the idea of designing minimal spaces with natural materials. We, remaining faithful to this insight, created a concept of building with an authentic design for Climber brand, long-lasting, durable and modern.