Climber B.C. is adding to the world moda centers one more else and building new edifice in Laleli, Istanbul. This buillding is breaking all standarts by its slyle. High architecture represents a strong brand&rsquos image. This new building attracts attention with modern forms and exquisite athmosphere of metropolitan.

The energy of Istanbul is developing into new stage. Something is starting to act. The dynamic is changing and wishes world of fashion is changing as well. Dress is not just a shell now. Noe is a reflect of soul and lifestyle. Maybe more. A motto of a person. Climber is going on to strengthen the image of brand.

Climber is building new stages on the way of man fashion&rsquos problem decision with innovatory point of view. Designs of Climber B.C. brand attract attention with their differents, set the direction for the style. Practically it is a newest shape of man. Climber is transfering its philosophy to conseption  of store and win interest by new fashion center opening in Laleli, Istanbul.

This building forms lineament part in common architectural mosaic of region and combine on its disign technology and power of human thougth. Modern decorated the Climber building is growing to laminated dynamic constuction and attract privileged looks.

Climber left difficulties behind. In the structure of the building can also be seen  the refined line, which reached the brand, and behind it the city dweller, the character resolute and always striving for the top, with the developed capacity for empathy. Broader showcases produce more metropolitan touch. Now all is more bright. Porous borders of glass between the products even more noticeable. Easy driving and provides quite a close connection that thin line allows guests to become a part of this world.

Several windows, designed in the shape of a cube represent different lines of clothing at one time and in one shot, and you can easily see what you need. At this center of fashion, where all the strokes interwoven, designs is addressed to the soul of everyone.

The purpose of decoration and furniture is to care for the comfort of visitors. Connecting both sophistry, modern and real chic architectural style of the building represents self-confidence and the courage of the brand. Shop corresponds to modern trends in terms of lighting and usage of physical space. Wide floor-to-ceiling windows and design supported by high ceilings give a feeling of freshness and create the illusion of depth. Lighting with daylight solves the problem of the lack of light. With the help of modern design provides aesthetics, quality and maximum benefits. Coming to the forefront iconic design of the building is dynamic like Istanbul.