Behind The Doors



The display of an iconoclastic style. A new designation culture fulfilling the modern needs. Brilliance, charm, and a festival of radical color scale. Here is the center of everything.


Climber, making a fast progress to be a global trademark, is following the global changes and trends in every way. The Climber store, Istanbul, is a genuine global display with its stance and style.

The architectural crew first intended to understand the trademark. The words rising from the crew summarize everything: &ldquoBecause, we believe the essence of the right design is its ability to reflect its user.&rdquo

The most important factor for the design crew was reflecting the identity of the trademark in the best way possible. From fashion design to architectural project, the crew adapted the principle that all the processes are the parts of a coherent whole therefore, the crew endeavored diligently to keep the function in a proper order.   

The glorious store in Istanbul does not let the design overshadow the functionality. The product does not stay under shadow. A fine-balanced integrity prevails. This effectiveness of this integrity has also been fed by the material applied. The gray, natural stone material reflects a mannish attitude. Architects, in such a way, were able to create sharper and straighter lines. Breaking the coldness of the stone...