CLIMBER B.C. Spring & Summer 2015 Campaign Photography

16th September 2014 Istanbul/Turkey


To reflect our chic style, attitude and identity of CLIMBER B.C, we decided it was about time to take the campaign shhotings outside. The colors of our current collection are made up of softer and more natural colors, in harmony with the seas, the skies and minimalist perfection.

After a lot of work, we brought together two models and one concept. Namely, we got together with OXFORD NIELSON, a face familiar to British GQ Magazine readers from ads for Calvin KLEIN and LOUIS VUITTON, as well as CHRIS ODORICO  who came to join us after a long casting process to display our summer 2015 range, and add some of their own style to it.

OXFORD NIELSEN - British Model

Main model agency. STORM.

Oxford has had a lot of experience working with big international names both on the catwalk and for photo shoots, with a cool attitude and unique body language. His face has sharp contours and an enigmatic stare. He was a pleasure to work with, and the results speak for themselves. His face is known to many blogger and famous photographers.

What trends are you most into?

I prefer a more refined type of style. I think what the English designers who have imbibed men&rsquos fashion with a sense of minimalism have brought out some rather good items. Of course, professional brands that have a classic sense of style are also on my radar, like Burrberry. Their youthful designs are also good. I like a style that is precise. That&rsquos why I prefer designs   which are stalk, plain, minimalist and monochromatic in style.

Bags are my special thing. Big bags are an essential   in my life, with traveling, fitness racetracks, studios  and catwalk areas, I inevitably always have need to carry something or other &ndash it&rsquos a lifesaver to me.

What&rsquos your own personal style?

I prefer comfortable, plain clothing. Jeans and a T-shirt is my uniform, be-cause I&rsquom happiest best when I&rsquom comfortable.

What about music? What are you listening to?

I love 80s music the most. Especially Depeche Mode.

Any good in the kitchen?

For me, food is a passion &ndash we even have a catering firm and prepare our own dishes. 

Any favorite cities?

This is my first time in Istanbul, but so far my favorite is Edinburgh in Scotland.

CHRIS ODORIKO - Belgian Model


He has a special charm. A very excitable person with a highly hyperactive energy for life.  His attitude is like someone who knows you. He hates being alone and is a social extrovert, and a sports-lover.

For this project our photographer Sedef DELEN was rather pleased to work with Chris, happy with his    body language, movements and postures.

At two years in the business, he is still relatively new to modeling. At the same time as his work with Dominique Models as their latest famous face, he   works as a personal coach and fitness expert.

During the shoot Chris couldn&rsquot cease singing (there doesn&rsquot seem to be a song he doesn&rsquot know the words to). The model is simply in love with music, dance, meeting new people and making new friends.

As a duo Oxford is clearly calm and relaxed one,   while Chris brings a lot of energy into the room with him.

What&rsquos your own personal style?

Sportswear grabs my attention the most. Nike, for example. My main focus is on footwear.

Jeans and casual clothing is my general preference. Because I&rsquom always active and intense it is almost an obligation. I&rsquom drawn towards all trends and fashions where the clothes carry sporty details, and are also chic and special. But for dynamism, I&rsquod say that it&rsquos not in the clothes so much as the accessories.

What are you preoccupied with these days?

I do personal fitness instruction. Apart from modeling, that&rsquos my only job.

I work a lot. In fact, I like working hard.

I have a passion for being social communication. I have over 7000 followers on instagram.

Parties, music, sports and healthy living. I learn, experiment and work hard to live a healthy life and keep in shape and share these things with my students. You have to be disciplined with yourself, this is why I have some obligations in life. I have to have an ordered exercise regim. Fitness is right at the heart of my life.

Have you never found yourself in Istanbul before, then?

My modeling agency was received a request from Istanbul, as we were booked up for a shoot I got excited as I love going to places I&rsquove never before been. I&rsquove spent a lot more time in Bodrum, Kemer and Antalya for summer beach holidays, but this is my first time in Istanbul.

Istanbul seems so big, there are so many huge structures. Skyscrapers, shopping centers and huge mosques everywhere. I knew about Galatasaray the football club, and now I&rsquove just seen the new stadium it&rsquos so new and magnificent.