Behind the look: Andrea Marcaccini



Hailing from the land of good food and warm people, cool in both personality and style with a flair for performance, Andrea Marcaccini is a man who always gives it his all. Not least when of all when he joins us again this season as not simply Climber B.C.&rsquos main model, but as one of the Italian fashion industry&rsquos most distinguishable faces.

Andrea Marcaccini began the Climber B.C. leg of his career last season in our &ldquoTomorrow&rsquos World&rdquo-themed collection. This season he joins us again to represent the face of our &ldquoCompose Yourself&rdquo range.

It is self-evident that Maraccini takes the job of being a model very seriously &ndash but that doesn&rsquot mean that he has any of the capriciousness stereotypical of the serious model type. He had barely finished school when he was absorbed into the world of fashion. In the blink of an eye he&rsquod gone from a quiet life in a small town in the middle of Italy, to posing for some of the biggest designers in the world.

Explaining how much he is against the concept of limitations, Andrea told us that &ldquoBefore all, I know myself enough to tell you the key to my character is all about freedom. I&rsquom a happy and care-free person, and I refuse to provide room in my life for sadness. This is why I hate crying so much&rdquo.

A big fan of tattoos, Andrea is quite the anomaly in terms of the usual look preferred in world fashion magazines. As we know, tattoos usually have a meaning to the person collecting them. For Andrea, &ldquoWhenever I overcome something difficult in life, I get a tattoo &ndash or if something really affects me, like when I left my family for the first time to move to Milan&rdquo.

It&rsquos shocking when you think that such a cool and charismatic guy could maintain such a pure soul and eager spirit. Andrea&rsquos smile never lets up one throughout a whole photo shoot and it&rsquos unheard of him to act like a diva. In fact, the opposite, rather he increases the energy of everyone who has the pleasure to work with him.

The tattoos, the unshaven face, the rockstar hair this is an image that projects the idea of a wild child who loves a good time. If that raises any questions as to whether that is the intention behind Andrea&rsquos unique style, then the answer is simply &ldquoThis is the kind of guy I am, this is the only thing I can be. I can&rsquot even think about looking another way, just as I can&rsquot even think about being another person&rdquo.

Andrea Marcaccini is essentially the most ostensible example of one whose look reflects their character. He has never had a particular role model in mind, as he says that &ldquoEveryone has a different style. That&rsquos your &ndash well, this is mine&rdquo.

Creative Director ÜMİT ÜNAL