The Embodiment of Breaking the Mold: Andrea Marcaccini

Shots from Climber&rsquos latest season are the product of a world famous talent. Contrary to the stance in which full body-encompassing sleeves of tattoos give off a meaningless tough guy attitude, they can embody her optimistic, a prejudice-reversing spirit of love. She has been one of the Italian fashion industry&rsquos greatest gifts. Her colour is red, she is crazy for music, knows karate and has no limits. Her cool, unique, enticing sytle and fun personality has made her the face of Climber&rsquos new season &ndash it is of course, Andrea Marcaccini.

WAIST 81CM/32" - SHOE 46 EU/11.5 US/11 UK - SUIT 101CM/40"/50

Fashion Designer Climber B.C. Design Team
Ümit Ünal
Fashion Photographer Sedef Delen

We&rsquove heard many interesting stories in our time, what about yours? What have been your exploits?
Actually I don&rsquot really have an interesting story. It&rsquos actually quite normal I finished school and started modeling. I took my work very seriously. I love being a model and got a lot of satisfaction from that.

Where were you born? What was your life like before you were a model?
I was born in a small town in central Italy. I had a calm and pretty fun life. If I&rsquom a high flyer these days, I guess I used to spend a lot of that time doing sport.

Like what?
It sounds strange, but karate &ndash and football! (laughs)

Actually it&rsquos not so much funny as interesting
Yeah, but I suppose from another view it could be!

What do you do before a shoot? Do you have any special rituals?
Actually it can&rsquot be said that I have any preparation. But I go to the gym every day. I guess this could count as a bit of prep. My daily routine is pretty constant, so no I don&rsquot really have any rituals.

Has everything gone smoothly so far? How do you think your career is going forward?
I&rsquom travelling a lot. I feel satisfied with the projects I&rsquom working on. I can safely say that for now everything is falling into place. But one day I&rsquod like to live in New York. Maybe my priorities will change later on.

How would you describe your personality?
Well, first of all the key word in describing my personality is &lsquoFreedom&rsquo. I hate limitations. I&rsquom a happy, cheerful person. I don&rsquot have any place for sadness in my life. For example, I got my first tattoo when I left my family to work in Milan. I stand by my decisions. When I make them, I do so without any permission.

The tattoos are crazy haired bearded figures that connect and intertwine with one-another. It&rsquos really making a statement, am I right?
Yes but it&rsquos my signature style. The Andrea that everyone knows. I don&rsquot feel the need to be any other way. I love my self and I don&rsquot want to be like anyone else.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personality is completely reflected in my style. But looking back, it seems quite strange. The younger Andrea was a lot more one-dimensional &ndash a bit boring, in fact. But as the years went by, I became the Andrea that was always in my mind. That&rsquos how I am now.

What are your plans for the future?
I&rsquod like to produce my own T-shirts. I&rsquom talking about printing cool designs and images under the brand name &ldquoThis Is&rdquo. All being well, I&rsquoll do it the first chance I get.

Is there a model that you take inspiration from?
Actually there is no-one who comes to mind. Everyone has their own style and I have mine.

How do you find the Climber B.C. collection?
Actually it&rsquos quite striking. Actually where some are classic style, others are completely empowering and others sporty. To have all this in one collection is quite surprising. You can see various moods in one collection. This means it is success for me. It looks almost arrogant. But if you want to mix things up it&rsquos easy.

So what do you think of Istanbul?
Istanbul is amazing like the persons that I&rsquove met there. I love Istanbul&hellip Oriental and occidental taste together in one city is amazing. It was a pleasure to work with u guys. Hope to see u all soon!

Best of luck!