Young talent getting famous by campaign of Calvin Klein had opportunity to work with master photographer such as Fabien Baron, Karim Sadli, Michelle Du Xuan, Sune Czajkowski and  Laurène Trescarte. Shoot of Christopher lasting for two days in Fabrika Studios in Maslak, Istanbul is performed by people who reflect style of Climber best. Ümit Ünal as Fashion Designer and Sedef Delen as successful photographer. We would like you to read this amusing coffee chat done in break of shoot.

Hello Christopher. How can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello, I am Christopher Michaut. I am twelve years old. I was born in Paris. I take education of English language. In addition to this, I am interested in art. I maintain my life as a model for three years. I work for Bananas Model in Paris.   

What did you do before being a model? 
I was just a student. I was studying at advertising. Later than I started to work as model and I have been kept this job for several years. Now, I enjoy traveling to different cities of world.

Do you want to tell your common day? What are you doing? 
Actually it changes according to circumstances. I run from one casting to the other one. I travel generously. And everlasting photo shoots... It is not so exciting as you see! (laughing)

What was your first significant job? How was your experience?
My first significant job is 2010 Autumn-Winter campaign of Calvin Klein. It was really crazy experience for me. Shoots were performed in Los Angeles. We were an amazing model team. Oleg Antosik, Rojam Wang, Lara Stone and Abbey Lee Kershaw were there. We worked with a great person such as Fabien Baron. It was proud. 


Would you like to speak of the most exciting moment in your career?
It was absolutely shoot of Calvin Klein. It is not possible to forget!

What is the biggest lie about this sector?
Diet! It is not absolutely real! I never regard it as necessary! (laughing)

Are you a party-loving or home-loving?
I guess I am party-loving. I love socializing. I care about my friends so much. I love dating of night!

Which trend is on the rise in fashion world according to you?
There is an androgynous trend that can never denied by anybody. It becomes popular by Andrej Pejic. I think we may see this sexless trend more frequently.  

Theme of new season of Climber was &ldquoParty&rsquos Over&rdquo. How was the shoot?
Actually it was better than what I expected. Organization was planned in highly good way. There is no moment wasted. It was a fast moving shoot. Clothes were great. Their harmony with body was perfect. Team was really professional and that is the most desired thing.  I really enjoyed it. 

So what is next ?
The next thing is a short holiday I planned for myself. And then I will have a busy calendar for me. Paris, Milano and  New York!