Doors and Keys MAX ROGERS


Doors and Keys MAX ROGERS

Full of life, energetic and always ready! It&rsquos like you&rsquore reading the cover of a fashion magazine! No. This time we have something real! British model Max Rogers was in Turkey for Climber Jeans&rsquo new season photo shoot. The photo shoot, which took place at Istanbul&rsquos Sultanahmet, appears to have satisfied everybody. We talked in between sets with Max, who didn&rsquot have any problems reflecting the Rock &lsquon&rsquo roll spirit, in the orientalist atmosphere of the Armada Hotel. We asked a few questions. But, at every chance, he managed to bring the subject to his love for soccer. Grab a cup of coffee and start reading.

First tell me about yourself.
I&rsquom from London. I was born and raised in England and this is really nice. I live there together with my girlfriend. I love soccer! (laughs)

Can you tell us how you started this job? You must have a story.
Everything started during my university years in Northern England. I had just finished university. I was thinking about what was going to happen after this. A friend of mine suggested I become a model and told me that I needed to try. I started modeling at a very small agency in Manchester. And this storm took met o much larger places and in the end, I was in London. With luck on my side, moving along was really easy.

Today, you are together with an exciting fashion designer and photographer. How is it going?
Wonderful! There is a good team here. Everybody is very Professional. The photo-shoot was really very fast. I really liked that. Everybody knows what they want. I&rsquom very comfortable, this team makes me feel comfortable. The styling is really fantastic. I like the brand a lot too. Yes, I&rsquom very pleased to be here.

Which set did you like the most during the photo-shoot? 
I liked the set in the radio room. It was the best part and location of the shoot that I liked. Fantastic! There were vintage radios, this was wonderful. They were the right symbols to reflect the soul of Rock &rsquon&rsquo Roll.

Now let&rsquos get your opinion about Climber Jeans.
Fantastic! This is the first time I&rsquom working with Climber Jeans. There are very useful and comfortable pieces in the collection. This rock &lsquon&rsquo roll atmosphere is very impressive. The collection looks really good.

Which projects are you currently a part of? 
At present, I&rsquom busy with many projects of different ranges and sizes. There were a few campaigns in New York, they were fairly nice. Catalogue preparations, editorial shoots&hellip They were elite jobs and it was exciting to be a part of them. It&rsquos nice to be in jobs aimed at different markets.

When people ask about your best quality, what answer do you give them?
My best quality? (laughs) This may sound awkward but I think I can say that I&rsquom a good soccer player! (laughs)

You are really stuck on Soccer. Since you open this sports issue at every chance, tell us about yoru body. It couldn&rsquot have been easy to get into this amazing shape.
Thank you for your compliment. To tell the truth, I really don&rsquot do much to protect my shape. Because of my job, I have to have a good and healthy body. I try, I spend a few hours every day with sports. I consume healthy and good quality foods.

What&rsquos that in front of you? Isn&rsquot that dangerous for you? Yippee! You are one of us!
Yes I know, but I don&rsquot eat all of it (mutual laughing)

You must have friends from different cultures all over the world. Does this mean that you have open doors ahead of you?
Yes you&rsquore right. But it&rsquos not sufficient to say that they only open doors, they open my mind and my horizon they give me different perspectives of life. Knowing different people from different cultures is a huge chance for me. This, is a huge education. It is also an opportunity to get to know people coming from different parts of the world.

How is your night life? Be honest! 
Actually in the past couple of years, I am seeing that my preferences are changing. I used to go to night clubs, that party, this party. Now, I&rsquom with my girlfriend. My other friends come over and we have something to drink and cook dinner. We stay at home and watch DVD&rsquos. This is what I enjoy now. As long as I&rsquom with my friends, I&rsquom happy.

So, what do you wear when you go out? 
Depends on my mood. I have a huge wardrobe that has many different things inside of it. Sometimes I want to look casual and sometimes I get pumped up about being a real rock &lsquon&rsquo roller. Blacks, metals&hellip You know. Some days I just want to dress up comfortably. It entirely depends on my feelings that day. It sounds ridiculous to be stuck in just one style. I like looking specific.

Ok, what about music? 
Michael Jackson is my hero! I love him so much. My favorite group is Oasis from Manchester. Other than this, I listen to the music of other groups in my country.

What gets you going? Creativity, emotionality, or depth?
That&rsquos a very good question. I&rsquom not sure actually. I love creativity, it affects me. I love interesting things that incorporates the mind, is pioneer, is innovative and interesting. I like different perspectives. A little depth and a must is honesty!

What is your most distinct feature that sticks to pepole&rsquos minds? Without using the word soccer please!
I don&rsquot know! (laughs) I think my hair! I can&rsquot say that it was useful in school but I did get many jobs becuase of my hair! I think that this takes me a step ahead! (laughing)

Happiness, where and when? 
I&rsquom really happy where I&rsquom at right now. In general, I have a good life. I&rsquom going after my instincts and this has provided many benefits. To be honest, by true meaning, I&rsquom a happy person.

Where would you want to live? 
Under every circumstance, London. This is the most beautiful place on the face of this Earth.

You seem to have had a fun childhood. If we are to look at cartoons, fiction, and movies, who is your hero?
This too is a good question. I haven&rsquot really thought about it. I like Johnny Depp&rsquos characters. Especially the Jack Sparrow character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! Why? Because he does whatever comes to mind and says whatever he wants to!

What&rsquos in your agenda? New projects? 
My next project is to go on a nice vacation! (laughs). I&rsquom very busy and really need to get away and relax. Then, there&rsquos New York.

You seem to have had a fun childhood. If we are to look at cartoons, fiction, and movies, who is your hero?
Doors and keys! I like that! Firstly, I want to thank my mom and dad who gave me everything. I thank my friends for enriching my life. I thank my girlfriend for being with me. I would like to thank the agency I work for and in short, everybody who had an impact on my life.

Okay, so what about Istanbul? 
I came to this city for one day and I love it. It&rsquos a wonderful place. Your history grabs my attention. Later on, I want to come for a long time to discover it much closer.