An Unread Prologue MEHMET TURGUT?S Dark Room


An Unread Prologue MEHMET TURGUT&rsquoS Dark Room

In Turkey, in the name of photographs, quite different works are coming to life from different disciplines. Among these, of course some manage to catch attention. Moreover, at each shot. We are talking about Mehmet Turgut, who is known for his manipulations that are hard, dark and deep like the human soul. He manages to get names from show business, art, and influential in every field in Turkey into his studio. And every celebrity owns up to the character given to them with great pride. Sometimes Turgut chooses to leave them with themselves, entirely naked. From his dark descriptions to the Climber Jeans project, here is Mehmet Turgut&rsquos story.

You are known for hard works, whereas now, you are at a calm catalogue photo shoot. How does this feel?
Yes, in general the work that I do is hard. But at the same time, they are works that contain a situation and a feeling. This photo shoot, that we are doing for Climber Jeans has a style, an identity and a story. To be honest, I didn&rsquot face much difficulty.

How did Mehmet Turgut, the creator of shocking photographs, sign his name under Climber Jeans? 
The Climber family thought that with the concept to be shot combined with my style, the resulting chemistry would represent the collection much better. Honestly, the concept drew me in and activated my imaginary world even before we started shooting.

 This season great changes were experienced and you took over the brand from Sedef Delen. How do you define Climber?

The life I live, the music I listen to, the way I dress in short everything I own has a Woodstock feeling to it. This really simplified my job during the shoot. Besides, the directions I gave our model prior to the shoot were in this direction.

When I say Mehmet Turgut, a crying style standing between death and life comes to mind. Was is difficult to bend this distinct style?
Actually, I don&rsquot think that we bent it too much. Like I said it&rsquos a job with its own tongue, it&rsquos a job with distinct lines. Within this shoot, other than the story, I have hidden some details. When you look at the photographs, it is possible to see these details. I think that this is very delightful.

If I were to think that you childhood was fed with myths and dark stories, would this be a shallow perception?
My childhood passed in a photography studio. As you can imagine, it&rsquos not quite a suitable place for a child. Actually, I owe my current status to that and I don&rsquot think that I have the right to complain.

The location, the model, the object triangle, which one was your perfect work?
I can&rsquot call any of my works perfect. Actually from time to time, I have criticized myself brutally. When you add the light, the lens and photography values to the location, model, and object triangle, all of sudden you have to think about many things and you have to do it quickly. But I like this adn there are times where I get bored in relaxed working atmospheres.

Your grandfather&rsquos career determined your future. What did you learn from him?
We lost my grandfather when I was two years old. The greatest value that passed on from my grandfather and father are their genes I guess.

When people ask about your best quality, what answer do you give Do you still want to shoot &ldquothat&rdquo picture?
Yes, from time to time&hellip

There are almost no celebrities who haven&rsquot been in your frame. Isn&rsquot it difficult to convince such known names? Some of them may find your style extreme or off the edge.
I think that it&rsquos better they find my style to be extreme and off the edge rather than mediocre. Actually there are many characters to be shot that is thought to have been discovered but there are many names that entail various feelings, expressions and situations deep within. I don&rsquot have any problems convincing. Because the people I work with, no matter how rebellious the concept I shoot is, they know that the results are not going to be common and they know that I shoot these concepts with great belief. 

You know Climber&rsquos fashion consultant Umit Unal, enough to host him in your magazine. Now you are together in the Climber project. Can we talk about this a little?
If I start to tell you my thoughts about Umit Unal and his designs, I think that the pages of this interview will increase quite a lot. I had the chance to work with Umit Unal previously in many projects. They were rare jobs that I did where two different disciplines that came together and coincided with each other. With the Climber project, I think that we carried this to the highest point. Another thing I believe is that with time, we will carry this to much higher levels.

What do you tie your name being on the agenda every day?
I&rsquom a man who constantly thinks about photography, I love to take pictures, I have made this my lifestyle and from time to time, I exaggerate it. In the evening of a very busy shoot, there have been times when I went back to the studio to improve myself. I think that this is the reason for my productivity and my taking a lot of photographs.

You reign over a wide geography ranging from movie posters, press adverts, picture albums and video clips. How do you find the time for all of them?
It&rsquos not about finding time for all of them but rather, it would be more precise to say going to these jobs with pleasure. Like I said, if you like the job you do, this means that you will double your performance.

Of course, you have 46 Magazine too. 
I don&rsquot want to say that 46 is a magazine that the team I work with publish. It&rsquos more or so our child&hellip It is a platform where we can express ourselves well once every two months, and at least for me, it&rsquos a very relaxing situation.

What is this pessimism that feeds off of your manipulations?
It isn&rsquot possible for us to feel good all the time. I think that the times I feel good are less than the times I feel bad and I take pictures when I feel.

What else is on your &lsquoto do&rsquo list?
Firstly, my book titled &ldquo30&rdquo, which is edited by Yekta Kopan, will be published in September 2010. With the publishing of my book, I will be adding new seminars to the photography seminars I hold each year. In the long run, I plan to have an exposition on dancing photographs.


-The life I live, the music I listen to, the way I dress in short everything I own has a Woodstock feeling to it. This really simplified my job during the shoot. Besides, the directions I gave our model prior to the shoot were in this direction.