Sedef Delen & Gonçalo Teixeria


Climber 2009 Summer Collections shots have been realized by Sedef Delen in the &ldquoFabrika&rdquo [Factory] studios in Maslak, Istanbul. While bringing together the combinations, Ümit Ünal, the Fashion Consultant of Climber, and his team were in an endeavor. Gonçalo Teixeira, a face of Elit Model Look, did his part and reflected perfectly Climber man. 

Hair stylist and make-up artist Jerry did not neglect dancing and animating the ambient while attaching importance to every bit of details.

The new Climber catalogs having come into existence as a result of extensive and a big production are in fact the product of a devotion and harmonic study of a family.


Climber, with its new theme and new face, will make its significance felt this season as well. Based on the theme escape, the new collection is being introduced with a world face in accordance with its purpose. Since the time he won the contest in Portugal in 2005, Gonçalo Teixeira, an Elit Model Look face, has the pleasure to have worked with world brands.

How did you start this work?  

  &ldquoI participated in the Elit Model Look contest organized in Portugal in 2005 and won the contest. Everything began after that.&rdquo

How did you find the new Summer Collection of Climber?

 &ldquoFor me, they are too chic. I really liked the designs. Moreover, the clothes are very casual. This is an important detail for me. I place importance to this much.&rdquo
Climber designers wanted to emphasize the theme &ldquoescape&rdquo in the new collection. If we are to look at your life, could you find an example of a kind of escape?

  &ldquoEscape? As a model, travelling continuously is my escape! My life itself is a big escape!&rdquo

Previously you were a model to Armani. And now you are the man face of Climber in Turkey. How could you define the line of Climber?

  &ldquoI am working with Climber for the first time. I could say that the line of the brand is highly sophisticated. The designs are far from exaggeration and are attractive. Yes, they are extremely casual for daily life.&rdquo

Of the attires you put on today, which one of them did you like best?

 &ldquoThat jacket over there! I really liked it! (pointing at the wardrobe)&rdquo

You should be going shopping much. How often do you go out and what do you buy most?

 &ldquoDo you know, as a matter of fact I do not go shopping much. It cannot be said that I care about attire much.&rdquo
I mean, how?

 &ldquoFrankly speaking, I do not believe that anything fits on me! (He is smiling) My job is already consisting of posing a nice standing in famous attire. When I go shopping, I buy jackets much. And of course, cardigans&hellip&rdquo

With which brands did you work previously?

 &ldquoArmani, Benetton&hellip Hmm&hellip In fact, I worked with many brands! I do not know on which one of them I would talk now.&rdquo

How did you find the organization? The Shots?  

 &ldquoEverything was perfect from the airport to the hotel. It was wonderful! So were the shots! Being in another country&hellip It was a nice experience for me.&rdquo

What if I ask your love life?

 &ldquoLove?  I cannot say that it has stopped by me recently. I think falling in love is a difficult thing. Starting an affair and continuing it are really difficult.&rdquo  

What is next?

 &ldquoYou can never know what will happen in this work! However, I have some nice options before me. I am going to assess them. But, I am unable to talk about the projects anyway.&rdquo

 &ldquoHair and Make-up&hellip 
in order to seem better and exist&rdquo


&ldquoIf you do not find  hair and make-up serious enough, you cannot be said to exist! The hair-make-up duo may offer you whatever you want in terms of feeling. Stronger, more sophisticated, sharper. Whatever you want!&rdquo 

&ldquoWe wanted to create a rebellious air on Gonçalo. He should have had a style. I have added a Rock&rsquon Roll feeling.&rdquo  



Throughout the shots you are looking at the designs, although such an act is indirect. Do you think that a link comes into existence between you and designs? 

  &ldquoI have no such a link generally. I am interested in the manner of putting on the attire much rather than the attire itself. I look at the things like whether we lift or not the collar of the attire on the model and whether we provide him to put or not his hands into his pocket.&rdquo

You have made various works in different geographies and your point of view has gone beyond the borders. And Climber addresses mainly to Russia. Taking into consideration this country and even the history of the country, have you given place to any nuance other than what is usual in your expression? 

  &ldquoIn fact, I make cool and simple works. My acclaims are in that direction. Turkish and Russian markets resemble each other. It may be said that more formidable, masculine and maybe somewhat macho attitude exist. For this reason, we put forward this in Climber. There is a macho air in accessories and attire. We have applied this in selection of model as well. We paid attention in the shots that he seems more masculine, more macho and sexier. I tried to catch him from the more androgen side in the objective. &ldquo  
Does your perception of beauty match with &ldquothe super faces&rdquo you have seen during your career? 

 &ldquoFormerly, it did. However, I think there has been a deviation on that way. In my private life as well I do not like very nice people anymore. I like the faces being able to reflect their own characters and characteristics. My understanding of beauty has changed maybe with this job. Instead of a perfect and standard face, I find a face with more character nice, for example, a roman nose instead of a full lip.&rdquo

How did you find the new Climber collection prepared by Ümit Ünal and his team of design? It should have been an eye of yours in a way now? 

 &ldquoThis collection presents very large options. Products that may respond to all kinds of requests, that are rich, have been designed. I find Ümit Ünal naïve and the way he follows as correct. Climber is already a brand placing importance to details. We as well want to convey Climber to simplicity in the catalog. For this reason, we are trying to feature more simple products on which the effect of Ümit is felt and reflecting his style.&rdquo


After having worked with both native and foreign models many times, how would you explain the differences among them?

 &ldquoI do not work with native models much. Because there are lots of foreign models in Turkey now. I do not make discrimination, as a matter of fact. However, I find foreign models more relaxed and natural anyway. Of course, those in the class &ldquocelebrity&rdquo may have more caprice than others have. &lsquoI do not want to pose like this&rsquo, &lsquoI do not put on this clothe&rsquo may be told by them. 


When you are in the studio, which songs are played most in your playlist?

 &ldquoI like indie-rock much. When I play something on my own i-pod, the people say: &lsquowhat is that, man, let&rsquos change this&rsquo (She is smiling). For that reason, most of the time my assistants play something. They are listening to easy listening songs that will appeal to everyone in the studio at that moment. However, I care about the model. Because, the real important thing is that he gets the mood.&rdquo


Other than commercial businesses, what kinds of businesses do you like?

 &ldquoI like taking rascal pictures. I generally want the photographs I took to amaze people who look at them.&rdquo

When you leave the machine aside, to what kind of life do you return?

  &ldquoNow, I may return easily. Formerly, I used to live the two lives one within the other much.  Of course, I have my own camera. However, when I make a journey or on the birthday of anyone I care about it is difficult for me to take pictures. It has been two years now since I only took the machine in my hand in the studio and I did not touch at all other than that.&rdquo


What does mean Golden Age for Sedef Delen? 

 &ldquoI am not a person who has ambition for career. However, with the energy of having just commenced, I may say that I live that productive golden age.&rdquo

Could you associate fashion photography with ethic? 

 &ldquoIt is difficult to associate them with one another however, may be in time you may not make this job. Because everything has to be so flawless in fashion photography that when you look at them ethically you may pose these questions as well: &lsquoIs everything perfect in the life as much as this?&rsquo, &lsquoWill everybody be able to obtain this?&rsquo Does such perfectionism make people happy? No. In fashion photography, there is always an overstatement. The most delicate part of the matter passes from here. For this reason, I am unable to associate this job with ethic much.&rdquo