Sedef Delen - Davide Gramiccia



Sedef Delen performed the Climber catalogue photographing this season too. Delen is known with her successful woman profiles she interprets  the beauty industry she is in and told us how is it to be a woman in this industry dominated by men. Delen also told us sincerely the `beauty` dilemma she experienced in a certain period.

How do you see the beauty industry?

I want to reply this question not as a fashion photographer but as a woman. I find it so forcing now. We force ourselves to be perfect and beautiful and we disregard the naturalness. This is the biggest professional problem in fact. I find it too competitive as a human and even as a woman. Always we have to catch something or somewhere. You must use a cream and you must look younger and healthy. We live a life so fast that our body must seem always in care. We need sports, skin care, massage etc. Visual perception reached to a perfect level and we are running after it. I do not think anyone has that much time to care for herself if she is working. Beauty industry increases the lack of confidence of people. This industry should slow down and turn to be more human. This is because, in the normal conditions you can not reach the perfection reflected in photos.

While drawing such beautiful woman portraits, do you experience periods that you feel like stranger to the concept of &ldquobeauty&rdquo?

Of course. For instance I was a woman before who cared so much about her hair and dresses. Now I see this as a profession and I do have make up in my personal life so frequently. I do not go to coiffure. I cut my hair myself as much as possible. I carried this to the other extreme I mean. I experienced periods in which I felt as a stranger to the concept of beauty. I experienced hard times about. You always proportionate yourself with your own kind. Being a fashion photographer as a man is more easy I suppose.

So what Sedef Delen taught men in this world of dominant testosterone?  

Visuality is of course an attractive thing for men. Besides that, I try to show a little bit stronger women with character in my photos. I hope men see it this way too.

Think about a woman portrait from the global media. What has shaken you most?

Maybe because you said portrait, but the first thing that came in my mind is the Afghan Girl. Yes, so much time has passed however that fear, despair and confusion in her eyes... I remembered that. 

How Strong is the Ghost of Marilyn Monroe in our present time?

In fact the myth continued. She was the strongest sex and beauty idol of her times. However she had a naive way. That naive part left now and a wilder thing replaced it. However, yes the ghost of Marilyn Monroe is still with us.

You say that &ldquoI want to see not the woman but my photos&rdquo so why do you still perform this profession if woman are so far away from you?

This is one of my lifelong dilemmas. In times, I seriously thought of leaving the stuff. I generally take photos of women since this industry targets the women. For two years I quitted. However , I realized that I know no other profession. I have not done anything else. I searched if I could perform another job.. But no, this is the profession I like. I turned around a lot but I found myself here again. In a certain time I had reached for very tough places. But I just want to take portraits coming closer to me.

Is there a successful woman profile that you &ldquosell &ldquo to the consumer?

All the woman we photograph must be successful. Thus, all were successful. They were women trusting themselves and managing alone.

The basic photographing lessons say that each photo carries the code of its performer and that code gains meaning in parallel with the intellectual richness of the performer. So what is your code?

Battle. The most pleasant instant is the moment when I see struggle in the eyes of the model. Maybe she is in a battle against the cold or trying to pose or she has a problem with her dress. I do not concentrate on the cause while I am taking the photograph. However I am curious about the impression of struggle in their faces. But struggle of what? That is I do not know.

Do you think of recuiting women to take hold of your inheritance?

Yes. I generally choose my assistants among women. I see that we are less in numbers. Women angle of view is very important in the fashion photographing ND present an emotional dimension to work. 


2008-2009 fall/winter catalogue photographing of Climber has been performed inthe Fabrika Studios in Maslak. The photos of Sedef Delen prove that the new season of Climber include much more sharp and much more burning details. Italian model Davide Gramiccia became the new face of Climber. Davide happened to be the reflection of Climber man a fighter equipped with successes. Davide, who intersects perfectly with the soul of Climber man, told us his ideas under the spot lights. 

Where and how did your story begin? 

I started modelling five years ago, and entirely as a matter of chance. I was watching a fashion parade in Rome. The executives of Future Model Management therein have seen me and a light in me. The offered me to be a model. I accepted and happened to start this work. 

What do you think about the men fashion of our day?

Everybody thinks what to wear when wakes up in the morning. There are people monitoring the fashion and there are people not. However, everybody performs an adaptation to the fashion, in one way or another.  For instance me, I like much Giorgio Armani, Valentino andDolce & Gabbana. These names are the milestones of fashion and fashion houses that function all over the globe. Nearly everybody learned how to wear from these brands. Their opinions reached to a general acceptance.  

What sort of a man you are?

I am a man of logic. My feet always step strong on the ground. It was the same when I was younger. Model business started for me instantly, however such quality of mine ever accompanied me and still does. 

How do you define your style?

Casual. Shirt, jean and sport shoes... I think I wear these. 

Which is the most valuable piece in your wardrobe?

Jeans are my favourites (laughs).


For which brands did you work before?

I worked with brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Valentino. Working with these big companies gifted me the advantage of international presentation.

Periodicals, catalogues, eyes, spot lights... How tiring is this business? I mean your life passes in studios in a sense... Isn&rsquot it?

Model business has pluses and negatives, like every other profession. I am in İstanbul now, however may go to Paris tomorrow. Of course I do not have routine working hours like in office work. However, this is tiring indeed. But I have the chance of seeing different countries since fashion itself travels all around globe. And I happen to learn the different cultures. This, in turn, makes me feel the positive sides of modelling profession much more.

You are the new face of Climber now, like you were of global brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino before.

I am thanking for the preference of the company. This was a real satisfactory experience for me.

What did Climber man resemble to you?

It calls the youth of the present time. It has relaxing cuts. I mean it is suitable for the men in their thirties. I am carrying a quite good product I feel.

What is next after İstanbul?

Of course Italy! I will have a new photographing in the coming days. However it is not definite yet so better not to name already.