STYLE UP - Proposals by UMIT UNAL



From now on it won&rsquot be as easy to match your previous choices with the colors of the season. There are different ways now. In terms of color, we are approaching a challenging time. Navy goes with black, green with royal blue, heavy black with grey tones, white shirts and slim pants. 

Style is becoming more creative and comfortable.

You need a fashion advisor &ndash your choice decide the root which your life is set to take.

There&rsquos no escape!

A good collection needs good quality design and yields great combinations. Climber B.C.&rsquos 14/15 winter season offers you a number of very special items. We are offering a way to solve the problem of reading current trends and staying true to your personal style. We aim to get you to where the season&rsquos truest alternative iteams.

&ldquoCompose Yourself&rdquo is the right name for the collection asking us to re-experience ourselves and feel our reinvigoration and existence renewed. The new season&rsquos harmony must subscribe to this vision.

A composite feature of this season&rsquos style and satisfaction with a relief style smart celebrity jackets. Special satin color navy and black jackets bring a sense of classic avant garde to proceedings. Printed cotton shorts give off a young dynamism and positive energy against a white back-drop. These shirts complete the look when matched with knitted cardigan, black-navy motif and striped design, wool and acrylic fitted cardigans. Dark black shade classic style shoes provide an alternative and positive trimming to your look.

This is one of the season&rsquos most specialized shirt designs, bringing a refreshing chic to your working day. Whilst thin, white stripes against black highlights the aesthetic white collar, we propose an armure-effect wool cardigan to complete the outfit. Again, with the same range of varied grey tones, black knitwear and white shirts, one can see the color theme of the season demonstrated in all its glory. Flanel and woolen articles with minimalist designs on special-fit trousers bring an informal sense of class to the collection.

For Dandyism &ndash in other words a &ldquowriter-poet&rdquo look &ndash Climber B.C. takes the classic period of writers as a starting point. Jackets with tartan designs and romantic autumn colors, cotton shirts designed with special fabrics to bring a sense of class to our daily lives. With a romantic nostalgia in mind, we came up with a combination that maintains a sense of novelty. Sporting this kind of wear can bring some romance to your urban environment, throwing color onto the scene.

An awesome harmony! With the theme of &ldquoCompose Yourself&rdquo, we decided to concentrate out efforts on creating the most dynamic and eye-catching in style.  Red toned down with orange or combinations of navy and purple are a vivifying force applied to armure fit shirts. The collection displays relief-effect knitwear and new, specialized sole, outfit-completing rugan boots. Shiny, classy, attention-grabbing and geometry-conscious items strengthen the more innovative and chic aspects of this season&rsquos footwear selections. Orange, purple and navy alternative sport belts highlight the rest of the outfit for a full look.

Shiny leather shoes and patine coloured features and varied intonations are a first choice this winter for night-out fashion and glitzy evenings out. Climber B.C. is adding fresh ideas to age-old designs creating an indispensible look in forms that, similarly, cannot be dispensed with. These go with every combination of slim fit jackets, modern-looking small collar shirts and slim fit trousers a wining combination.

Black and blue is as timeless as it is innovative. Now, not just Gucci, Armani, John Richards and Climber B.C. everybody is jumping on the combination of the season. The ICC color commission has done it again this season&rsquos tones have given us the colors we weat most. Stone coal grey and burgundy with blue-black take the center stage. Satin-colored celebrity jacket, designed to slim with satin cuffs and satin stitched pockets is completed when combined with a dark monochrome silk tie.

At Climber B.C., we know our avant garde detailed trousers are sure to suit you. The form and choice of materials for their design, with an interwoven patterned face, plain color blocks and comfortable form and patch work, modern creative forms, we haven&rsquot seen many examples of trousers like Climber B.C.&rsquos 14/15 winter collection. Cargo pockets with metal buckles accessories and duel fabric pants in various colors and combinations. Minature tartan design and plain color textures work together to produce a comfortable form and slim to the waist &ndash we see few trousers in Climber B.C.&rsquos collection without a modern creative form.

White shirt classics this season are matched with classic fabrics cut in anorak form, aiming to reinvent the coat equation. Silver colored armure silk ties, white cotton and satin shirts, with mat wool-layered sport stitched coat goes even better than you could guess, with earthen-red polished shoes. A charcoal black palette offers a wide range of effects in pinstripe and stitching. Chino pants add a little chic to our weekend range, at the same time, they can put a splash of elegance and cool to a work outfit.

Special knitted jackets with wide stripes of navy blue and grey look imposing and casual. Misty blue, grayish blue and petrol blues look great on denim original fit plants. The look is completely with special technical designs of belief with metal buckles and white cotton shirts.

Climber B.C.&rsquos jean collection includes as part of it a combination of some green tones in slim fit with special designs and innumerable worn effect demin slacks that suit every season. Denim color and pocketed monopeto jackets prevent a unique charisma. Combined with a jacket, new brown shaded leather accessories complimented by green trousers, green satin or knitted slim tie, met brown leather belt with metallic plaque belt and a choice of footwear.

Brown prints are an alternative group within our range of denim this season. It is certain a striking, eye-catching feature of our range to find brown and red designs in denim. We propose a red and brown toned choice in belt, trousers and shoes. Additions of grey or petrol colors bring harmony and a new dynamic aesthetic.

Denim bottoms, when complemented with high range denim jacket and neo-Western style shirt, has a transformative quality giving you a unique street style. For all of our fall and winter season designs we deemed the best theme to be that of living every day like the weekend. Comfortable and warm, Climber B.C. brings a different kind of richness to denimwear this season, with buttoned shirts, printed, accessories and plain choices for ultimate harmony in style. Moulded-to-fit designs are also ensured to posess a comfortable and dynamic quality. These well designed combinations in design are ready and waiting for you. Denim jackets padded with fur material tol ine mounted textures and enhance the look. This is an indespensible item for our winter season.

The earthen tones of dark red and brown give this season&rsquos collection a strong palette. Shiny leather dark brown shades in mat and suede are available in orange-red and every shade of brown. Climber B.C&rsquos shoes, bags, and accessories come in all shades of brown. Side ips are provided for ease of wear, and soft design punch boots have the season in mind. Climber B.C. bags and wallets are of the highest quality and are truly indispensible this season. The metal logo carries a swagger of attitude. Brown or black are both available to suit your style.

Included as part of Climber B.C.&rsquos Elite designs are a new range of quality bags, designed especially with a high-class feel and defined by rich brown tones. Functionality has been as much a key to its design as any other quality. Amongst our array are bags with additional metal logo accessories, metal buckles and matching belts cut from leather and suede. Plus trendy additions like woolen scarves. This group has been designed with minute details to add a splash of Bohemian flair to any outfit. Giving an extra punch to proceedings, no doubt this season&rsquos hottest accessory are our leather and suede brown and earthen green footwear items.