Graphics Language Trends Of Brands

We have included a few titles about the graphics language that different brands have started to use in the period from 2022 to 2023. These titles include fonts, website designs, animations and color design that have been created and used to appeal to different audiences.

2D/3D Mash-ups
This trend is based on images created by supplementing illustrative drawings with animations, web design and typography. While it is more convenient to use two-dimensional and three-dimensional images together in digital formats, it is especially popular for application design.

Experimental Typography
This trend breaks accessibility standards, excluding easy readability. It aims to create forms that contain different meanings within themselves. In experimental typography, letters can take place in any form, but they can also contain letters facing different directions or missing letters, since they are not based on readability criteria. Experimental typography appears especially in TV series and movie posters. But we can also see that he takes an active role in social media.

Glass and Crystals
With precious metals remaining in 2021, 3D, which takes the understanding of graphic design to a higher level, reveals realistic glass and crystal designs. With its transparent or translucent and shining surfaces, it is as easy as pie for it to be a striking trend.

Stunning Candy Color Palettes
These colors, which are used to make designs shining and catching the eye, are indispensable for creating brave designs. These colors, which evoke the feeling of positivity and energy, create a color palette that is frequently used by digital artists.

Contrasting Designs
This trend rejects the classical design concept and presents an anarchic and oppositional aesthetic sense with asymmetry, clashing colors, contrasting compositions, crowded elements and irregular typography.

3D Characters
3D characters are very common in advertisements and websites for younger target audiences of brands. 3D models, which give a cartoon-like atmosphere, also create a scenario in which 3D modelers are included in this sector.

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