Climber By Cuno 2021 FW

A newer, more interesting and consistent collection

The F/W 2021-2022 collection challenges the limits of design.

The CLIMBER B.C. F/W 2021-2022 collection feels a better future must be designed for people to live a healthier and more sensitive life for the planet and the pandemic period could be a good opportunity for this.

The F/W 2021-2022 fabrics have been planned for practicality especially for working from home and going to and from work and for easy investment in simple shifts. Blends, linings and coatings that provide protection against effective weather conditions, are vital for insulation and durability.

Technical features provide outer wear performance in tailoring. Blends focusing on softness and comfort present a smart look. Softer blends add versatility and practicality to ease of motion, easy maintenance and smarter categories. Heritage effects are used for familiarity. Well understood looks rely on timeless patterns and textures from tweed to shirt stripes.

Recycled polyester, nylon / PU were used for waterproof, fast drying and easy maintenance products groups and highly spun threads were used for natural shantung surfaces.

Bold colors, rich materials, fluid, silky surfaces and shapes are key in all the product categories. Luxurious metallic and flamboyant decorations feed the desire for renewed dress.

Exaggerated, mosaic and skewed patterns are presented on jacquard. Tencel blends were chosen focusing on high shimmer coated surfaces. Recyctex’s recycled polyester and nylons were a source of inspiration for performance fabrics.

The technology of making patterns with laser is inspired by this generation’s repaired, damaged, worn but valuable vintage clothing. We achieve a stylish look by combining ink blues and blacks. Different types of washing have been tried out to obtain navy blue and coal gray tones. Summer whites were improved with acid wash effects. High energy washing was created using environmentally friendly techniques.

“This collection we could describe as an innovative season, the looks that complete each other with a more integral structure, the high-quality product groups that liberate with each piece and the quality details in everything from the fabric selection to the form, holds visual richness.”

Blends focusing on softness and comfort, presenting smart appearances.

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